Sunday, December 25, 2011

Arms Race

For the past several weeks I have been working towards getting most of the human units of the Warhammer Fantasy Norse army assembled.

There is a link to the Norse Army book on the left sidebar.

This is NOT a Chaos Warrior army. Note NO horns on helmets.

I chose to model them this way so I can run them as Warhammer Ancient Battles Rus and Viking Armies.

Here I have a shot of the army deployed for further modification and to be prepared for primer.


Below is a shot of Marauders with Great Weapons, in front are Whaler skirmishers with Javelins.

Next, Ulfwerenar with Huscarls behind.

Next, are a unit of Bondsmen with spear and shield. This unit is being modeled with occasional javelins here and there so that it may proxy for a Shield Maiden. Though I have searched far and wide and I could not find female viking models properly clothed and equipped to represent Shield Maidens, so I have chosen to model this unit to be based upon historical record. Sorry ladies.
Oh, thats Orson Welles in the front.

Next up is a small unit of Reavers armed with two hand weapons.

Next an unfinished unit of Berserkers. Planning on adding more extra bits to these before they are painted.

And last are Norse with bows which can be either formed Bondi with bows or skirmishing Norse Hunters with longbows.

The models thus far are a collection Wargames Foundry and Gripping Beast metal viking ranges. Kit bashed Wargames Factory plastic Ancient German Warband, Viking Bondi, and Viking Huscarls. Also Gripping Beast plastic Viking Hirdmen. Some of the larger heros and lords are Reaper Miniatures.

There will be more unit types added soon. They were put on order but thus far Warpath Games has been very slow shipping them to my game shop. I may have to go with other options, cancel the back orders with Warpath, and place orders from more efficient distributors if they do not arrive this coming week.